Food Works Restaurant

Classic drinks and comfort food

205-C Manufacturers Road Chattanooga, TN 37405 

Restaurant: 423-752-7487

Catering: 423-785-7959

How to Become a Member:

It’s free to join! Simply let your server know you’d like to sign up for a frequent diner card.

How To Receive Your Points:

For every dollar you spend, your card earns credit. For example, after spending $350 in our restaurant your card will have $25 in credit! Be sure to present your frequent diner card when paying for your meal so your credit can be loaded. 


How to Redeem Points:

Your frequent diner card essentially works as a gift card. Over time, credit will build and your server can check the balance for you. You can choose to use the funds to pay for your meal, or continue to accrue credit towards a larger gift card balance to use later.